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knee problem

Dear Dr Muki,

My name is Nathania
Now I am writing to you to talk about my sister’s knee problem. My sister, Gaby, got a motorcycle accident five weeks ago and her left knee was injured. She has got an MRI already. It said:

fracture depression condylus lateralis – femoris and fracture intercondyloidea tibia.
Suspected to have fracture avulsion and ruptur – partial ligament – ACL with oedema and hyper aemia – bone marrow.
Flap tear meniscus medialis from the surface of the tibia joint to lateral, hemarthrosis and synovitis and strain caput medial and lateral musculus gastrocuemius on the left.

Now, Gaby cannot bend her left knee and cannot put it straight..It is very painful to do so. Her left ankle is a bit swollen. Her doctor said that her ligament is torn.

Do you think that Gaby should have a knee operation? or maybe are there any other options? If she has to do the operation at RS Puri Indah Kembangan, how much money is my sister going to spend?
My sister asked me to contact you and ask for your advice and suggestions.

I am really looking forward to hearing your reply soon.
Thank you very much for your kind attention.

Best Regards,

 jawab :  I think , she need  knee operation to make her bone in good position , and the operation cost is about 20 milion rupiah (3th class)

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